To repay the majority of old and new customers, who support our SV (VD) series of vacuum pumps, and a one-time purchase of five or more who can enjoy the following benefits!

SV301 (domestic motor) to 4500 yuan/tai

SV401 (domestic motor) to 5500 yuan/tai

SV601 (domestic motor) to 7500 yuan/tai

SV901 (domestic motor) to 9500 yuan/tai

      Our factory begins from the 1990s, introduce foreign advanced technology, the speciality produces various kinds of series of vacuum pumps, Vacuum pump sets and equipment.     MH - 2 series of vacuum pumps which our factory produced, since this pump came out, the masses of users are for its consummate design invariably , Use extremely small motive force ....

MH-2 high vacuu

2X series of tw

ZJ Roots vacuum

SV301A / SV401A

SV3601 ~ SV7201

2MH-85A spool-t

Patch-dry vacuu

2BV2060-071 ser

2BV Series ring

SK-0.4 SK-0.8 S

SK series water

2SK Series ring

2SK series corr

2YK-ring (liqui

Vane-series Roo

Roots ring vacu

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